Diaspora: Expansion

Session 1

Kellin and Fayed meet with Mabon, a member of a trade syndicate in a habitat around Ponens. He asks them to perform an unusual job: fly a luxury liner to New Caledonia as a means to meet with his contact there, Selig, and find out why he’s stopped shipping pharmaceutical precursors to Uttermost.

Several weeks later, Naya has reached a gateway station around the Uttermost north slipknot, and chats with a fan while waiting for her craft. Kellin and Fayed reach their assigned vessel, which is the one Naya is boarding. They all settle in, and Fayed pilots the ship through thes slipknot.

On the far side, they discover that an XPAC fleet is blockading the slipknot, ostensibly having taken over customs duties in an “emergency” (fires on New Caledonia itself). Kellin, under duress, grants Copperhead permission to perform a customs inspection, but also makes the same request of the USSF representative at the slipknot, Captain Jelica.

The two groups board. Fayed meets with Capt. Jelica, and takes her down to where Kellin is “greeting” the inspectors from the Ranjeet. Meanwhile, Naya realizes what’s happening, and moves to board the Rising Water’s axial elevator. There, she spots Kellin, the man who almost killed her.

She meets up with Fayed and Jelica, and together they discover that Kellin has attacked the Copperhead inspection crew. Naya steals Fayed’s hand taser, and stuns Kellin. Kellin is barely conscious, and Naya, Fayed, and Jelica are under the guns of Copperhead marines.

The session comes to an end.



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