Diaspora: Expansion

Session 3

At the beginning of the session, the PCs return to In Rising Water. They immediately detect the mysterious transmission originating from within the ship, but Kellin is able to transmit a discrete jamming signal. Afterward, they discuss where they will go next.

Eventually, they decide to use Kellin’s great wealth to buy out Selig‘s contract. Fayed is able to pull some strings and get in contact with a friend of his (Rolf) in USSF supply, and he arranges for a number of tons of biological product to fall off the back of a ship. They ship the goods back to Mabon via courier and send him a message saying what’s what. They then head off for Eden.

En route, Kellin accidentally discovers that Naya’s mental blocks seem to be deteriorating. He and Fayed decide not to take immediate action on that score, but instead just wait and see.

On their way out of the system, an XPAC warship en-route to New Caledonia makes a hard course change and attempts to pursue them. After failing to make contact with the ship, the Slavomir, they notice it’s locked on with its weapons. After a tense couple of hours and a brief bit of fire exchanged, they make their escape.

They reach Eden with no further interruption. Once there, they make planetfall on Waldobert Island, capital of USec. A routine customs inspection reveals a mysterious cloaked transceiver device stashed on an unused supply locker, and customs takes it in for analysis. Kellin and Naya head into United City to kill time until Fayed’s morning meeting with Grand Marshall Sergeveya’s people, but Naya slips away on her own. Fayed, who’s native to Waldobert Island, decides to visit family.



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