Diaspora: Expansion

Session 3

At the beginning of the session, the PCs return to In Rising Water. They immediately detect the mysterious transmission originating from within the ship, but Kellin is able to transmit a discrete jamming signal. Afterward, they discuss where they will go next.

Eventually, they decide to use Kellin’s great wealth to buy out Selig‘s contract. Fayed is able to pull some strings and get in contact with a friend of his (Rolf) in USSF supply, and he arranges for a number of tons of biological product to fall off the back of a ship. They ship the goods back to Mabon via courier and send him a message saying what’s what. They then head off for Eden.

En route, Kellin accidentally discovers that Naya’s mental blocks seem to be deteriorating. He and Fayed decide not to take immediate action on that score, but instead just wait and see.

On their way out of the system, an XPAC warship en-route to New Caledonia makes a hard course change and attempts to pursue them. After failing to make contact with the ship, the Slavomir, they notice it’s locked on with its weapons. After a tense couple of hours and a brief bit of fire exchanged, they make their escape.

They reach Eden with no further interruption. Once there, they make planetfall on Waldobert Island, capital of USec. A routine customs inspection reveals a mysterious cloaked transceiver device stashed on an unused supply locker, and customs takes it in for analysis. Kellin and Naya head into United City to kill time until Fayed’s morning meeting with Grand Marshall Sergeveya’s people, but Naya slips away on her own. Fayed, who’s native to Waldobert Island, decides to visit family.

Session 2

Kellin and Naya begin the session aboard the Ranjeet, in prison, while Fayed is being interrogated by XPAC customs officers. Kellin and Naya are released after some formalities, and Kellin’s interrogator hints that it’s for dramatic reasons.

In Rising Water finally reaches New Caledonia, and Kellin, Fayed, and Naya follow the beacon frequency Mabon gave them to find Selig. It turns out that he’s in a giant mobile city that’s currently fleeing an enormous wildfire on New Caledonia’s northern continent. He meets with the PCs, but rebuffs their efforts to get Mabon’s cargo. He explains the unequal treaties and his plans to unify New Caledonia.

As the PCs are discussing their options, a USSF drop team makes a combat landing and surrounds the convoy. Marshall Andre Plantagenet, in charge of the USSF forces in New Caledonia, demands that Selig come to the negotiating table with USec, Copperhead, and syndicate reps from Uttermost. He refuses, and a firefight seems inevitable. Naya and Kellin in particular are sympathetic to Selig’s situation, despite recognizing that he’s purchased weapons from Copperhead.

Plantagenet suggests to Fayed that he go to Eden if he wants to help with this situation. The Grand Marshall is looking for help, whether its in uniform or not. The situation in the cluster seems like a bomb ready to go off. When Plantagenet sees Naya, he insists that the three of them leave immediately, which they do.

Moments later, they’re on their way to orbit, and session 2 ends.

Session 1

Kellin and Fayed meet with Mabon, a member of a trade syndicate in a habitat around Ponens. He asks them to perform an unusual job: fly a luxury liner to New Caledonia as a means to meet with his contact there, Selig, and find out why he’s stopped shipping pharmaceutical precursors to Uttermost.

Several weeks later, Naya has reached a gateway station around the Uttermost north slipknot, and chats with a fan while waiting for her craft. Kellin and Fayed reach their assigned vessel, which is the one Naya is boarding. They all settle in, and Fayed pilots the ship through thes slipknot.

On the far side, they discover that an XPAC fleet is blockading the slipknot, ostensibly having taken over customs duties in an “emergency” (fires on New Caledonia itself). Kellin, under duress, grants Copperhead permission to perform a customs inspection, but also makes the same request of the USSF representative at the slipknot, Captain Jelica.

The two groups board. Fayed meets with Capt. Jelica, and takes her down to where Kellin is “greeting” the inspectors from the Ranjeet. Meanwhile, Naya realizes what’s happening, and moves to board the Rising Water’s axial elevator. There, she spots Kellin, the man who almost killed her.

She meets up with Fayed and Jelica, and together they discover that Kellin has attacked the Copperhead inspection crew. Naya steals Fayed’s hand taser, and stuns Kellin. Kellin is barely conscious, and Naya, Fayed, and Jelica are under the guns of Copperhead marines.

The session comes to an end.

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