We Don’t Want No Trouble, Kellin

This was the first major meme associated with Kellin “Colossus” Grin. It uses his face with a particularly intense expression, taken from a press conference. It’s pasted into various situations with the implication that the subjects of the situation have been caught doing something they shouldn’t. It saw a resurgence during Copperhead’s invasion of Naiad.

Kellin is a Time Machine

This meme sprung up during Season 6 of Project Naya. It was sparked by a comment by Kellin’s manager that Kellin would “punch [his opponent] into next week and be waiting for him when he got there.” This meme features a variety of different depictions of Kellin sending people through time using violence. They range from single images to a 30-minute film edited together from footage of Kellin, depicting convoluted temporal mechanics, and which ends with Kellin punching himself back to the start of the film.


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