The Spacer culture uses the comms network for something between CB radio, smoke signals, and whale song. There’s a lot of space and nothing to do, after all. Spacers themselves are not a culture—they come from all cultures, and are unified by what they do, not where they are from. “Subculture” might be more accurate, since they definitely exclude outsiders but are inclusive of anyone who simply knows enough about what they do.

There are rumors that dead men’s signals still haunt the network after decades. Only spacers know how to send and receive these signals. In particular, “Barefoot” Bob is a legendary spacer who traveled across the cluster for decades before disappearing without a trace nearly ninety years hence. Some say his signals help Spacers in trouble, or impart legendary wisdom.

They also have an uncanny ability to manipulate the comms network for their own uses.

Spacers always go barefoot, and they don’t respect anyone who doesn’t. They don’t talk about this, though, because it’s kind of weird. They do brag about having long hair, inconvenient as it is in space.

“That guy’s lost his spoon,” a euphemism for cluelessness (spaceside) or craziness (landside).


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