Uttermost’s society is divided into federations (based largely on chosen occupation) and much smaller syndicates (groups of people cooperating on a single project). Sometimes a syndicate will have all its members from one federation, sometimes not. People join and leave syndicates as they wish. Syndicates often, but not always, have a familial relation between members.

The habitats on Uttermost are mostly in orbit of the gas giants Ponens and Tollens, both “warm Jupiters” that orbit in a 1:2 resonance around their star, a cool G5. Their trojan points are also clustered with mining habitats, and there are plenty of extraction operations on the outer planets and their moons. Unusually, Uttermost has no terrestrial planets, just moons of its half-dozen gas giants.

One of Uttermosts’s few resource dependencies is on New Caledonia for anti-radiation medication. The near-posthumans on Uttermost are highly resistant to radiation, but they need medication created from Caledonian biomedical resources to make them completely resistant.

Some of the moons are titanian and european and have small colonies/greenhouses. Most food is grown in garden habitats, however, or imported from Naiad, New Caledonia, and Hope.


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