Though the XPAC’s motto insists “All Art is Experience”, “Experience” or “XP” usually refers to the simulated experience of being another person (or creature) for entertainment purposes.

Though XP can be created out of whole cloth, such XPs have a profound sense of unreality. Nearly all commercially successful XP is recorded from an actual person’s experiences. Said recordings can be planned or after-the fact, and its subjects can be recruited or created for the role. The XPAC has created special legal protections, restrictions, and status for purpose-grown XP stars.

Copperhead’s XP production industry is responsible for 95% of the XPs in the cluster, and Copperhead audiences represent over 50% of most XP viewer bases.

All major XP production companies release their XPs with digital rights management: the XPs are delivered in a format designed to be “played” only on a single person’s neural structure. Though unpopular, this form of DRM has been extremely effective in combating piracy, as the process of converting single-user XPs back to universal format results in greatly degraded quality compared to the master, both in terms of fidelity and in terms of side effects such as nausea, or, in extreme cases, psychosis.

Project Naya has been Copperhead’s most popular XP for six years running. In that time, its new techniques and innovations have caused changes felt throughout the XP industry, though its success has yet to be duplicated.


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